Ventilation Hygiene Certificate x NAAD21

3 March 2022


Last month saw the much-anticipated launch of NAADUK’s comprehensive NAAD21 guidance document, which sets the standard for the Ventilation Hygiene sector.

Jonathan Brennan, Chairman of NAADUK commented, “It is NAADUK’s hope that this will not only help ductwork technicians but also insurers, procurement departments, specifiers, and trainers in delivering safety, compliance and assuring competence within our industry. Following the tragedy at Grenfell it is important to this association that this advice is made freely available to all.”

NAAD21 is integrated within Paddeco’s GT0F 04 SCQF Level 5 (NVQ2): Ventilation Hygiene Certificate qualification, with particular focus on BSEHV11, the National Occupational Standard for Cleaning Industrial and Commercial Ventilation Systems.

The qualification contains the National Occupational Standards, including performance and knowledge requirements, to be trained, educated and assessed to a nationally recognised level that ensures they meet compliance and competence requirements.

NAAD21 forms part of the learning material and teaching sessions for our candidates to easily work towards gaining their qualification.

This Ventilation Hygiene Certificate qualification comprises six mandatory units, including the Health and Safety, and provides a platform for upskilling within the ventilation sector, including inspection and testing, decommissioning and installation.

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