Another Faultless EV

4 June 2024


Are you currently looking for a training provider for your workforce? If the answer is ‘yes’, instead of the usual questions you might find yourself asking, try asking this question:

What were the results of your most recent External Verification?

Every training provider SHOULD be regulated by a nationally recognised awarding body, who would in-turn undertake regular audits to ensure the training provider is meeting an approved set of standards and therefore is operating to the highest level.

In the case of our awarding body, the SQA (Scottish Qualifications Authority), this audit is known as an EV (External Verification).

External verification of units is based on the assessment approaches used and the assessment judgements made for a sample of candidates. It can only take place if candidate evidence is accompanied by a centre’s clear judgement of that evidence. This allows the verifier to reach an informed and professional decision on whether the centre is using valid assessment approaches and making reliable assessment judgements in line with national standards.

External verification will also include looking at the internal verification processes that the centre has applied.

The latest of our annual EVs took place last week, spanning two days. Our Senior SQA External Verifier met with our senior management, office management and assessor teams, spending the first day looking at our customised awards (Ventilation Hygiene, Fire & Smoke Damper and Fire Resisting Ductwork qualifications) and the second day looking at our Level 2 & Level 3 Ductwork Installation qualifications.

A great deal of work goes into each EV visit with our team preparing evidence ready for sampling, including policies and procedures, candidate portfolios, observation reports, assessor and IQA CPD and a sampling matrix.

That hard work is all worthwhile, however, when, for the 7th consecutive year, we pass with ‘High Confidence identified in the maintenance of SQA standardswith our EV commenting:

“An excellent visit, the Centre is focused on development of Ductwork Installation in the UK. Legislative competence is a priority for the Centre, learners and them achieving competency ensures that the Centre produces a high quality product. Candidates receive excellent support through a hybrid delivery model of qualification.”

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