What you’ll learn.

The NOS are the standards that people are expected to meet in their work, with clear performance and knowledge criteria to be achieved. The qualification offers the opportunity for people’s knowledge, skills, and behaviour to be measured against these standards.

The qualification has been developed using several NOS, including the COSVR352, Install Fire Resisting Ductwork Systems and the BSEHV05 for the installation of Fire Protection Systems. It also includes inspection and lifting units.

The GT1E 04 has been credited (SCQF) to the equivalent of a Level 2, which will meet the directive stated by the Construction Leadership Council, that the minimum requirement for competence and compliance will be a Level 2 qualification. There will be several entry levels to the qualification, in addition to new entrants; the recognition of prior learning (RPL) will be considered for more experienced workers, offering the opportunity to have their current skills and knowledge assessed against NOS.

Why It’s Important

The Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) will be withdrawing Industry Accreditation / Grandfather Rights as a route to a CSCS SKILLcard from 31st December 2024, with no card renewals permitted from 30th June, 2024.

This follows the Construction Leadership Council’s (CLC) requirement that all construction industry card schemes must operate with nationally recognised qualifications (NVQ/SVQs) for all occupations.

Blue, gold or black CSCS card holders can gain the appropriate cards by (1) holding an existing, recognised qualification, (2) gaining a relevant qualification for their occupation, or (3) possible additional training.

Achievement of this Level 2 in the Installation of Fire Resisting Ductwork and Ventilation Systems qualifies for a CSCS SKILLcard, therefore guaranteeing access to site.

Course requirements

Prove you are competent by demonstrating:

1. You can perform all the specified tasks consistently to the required standard

2. You understand why you are doing things

3. You can apply the required skills in different ways

Course Overview

Your personal course structure may vary.

Unit 1

Apply Health and Safety and Environmental Legislation in the Building Services Engineering Sector

Unit 2

Establish and Maintain Relationships in the Building Services Engineering Sector

Unit 3

Prepare to Carry Out Work

Unit 4

Identify Systems, Equipment and Components

Unit 5

Inspect and Test Mechanical Systems, Equipment and Components

Unit 6

Install Fire Resisting Ductwork Systems

Unit 7

Manual Handling and Lifting Loads

Unit 8 (Optional)

Install and Test Industrial and Commercial Heating and Ventilating Ductwork Systems

Unit 9 (Optional)

Decommission Industrial and Commercial Heating and Ventilating Systems

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