Centre of Excellence

14 March 2023


Each year, every training and assessment centre delivering SQA (Scottish Qualifications Authority) qualifications must undertake an External Verification (EV) process.

EV is the audit process the SQA uses to assure the quality of assessment, including verification, in centres. It ensures centres such as Paddeco are adhering to the SQA’s stringent assessment guidelines and therefore providing the best possible service to our candidates, and in-turn industry.

Paddeco’s EV took place earlier this week and saw the majority of staff, both administrative and assessment team, providing evidence and discussing best practice with the SQA’s External Verifier, himself trained and vastly experienced in assessment and verification.

As in previous years, we passed the audit with flying colours. In fact, we not only passed but exceeded all expectations with ‘High Confidence identified in the maintenance of SQA standards’ for all three assessment areas: Resources, Candidate Support and Internal Assessment and Verification.

Our External Verifier noted, “Candidate development needs are intrinsic to the Centre induction protocol, candidates are catered for from the application process to the assessment process”.

This was particularly pleasing as we put candidate needs at the heart of everything we do; bespoke Individual Learning Plans, following detailed Skills Analyses, ensure each candidate is treated as an individual and therefore gets the most out of his/her Paddeco qualification. It’s not simply and one price and one product fits all but qualifications are bespoke to everyone who walks through our door.

Our verification report concluded:

“An excellent virtual verification allocation, the Centre continues to be at the forefront of development in legislative documentation and accompanying standards in the UK. The focus towards learners and achieving competency ensures that the Centre objectives are met, the approach is universal with all Centre personnel producing a high-quality product.”

Huge congratulations to everyone on the Paddeco team and thanks to those of you who have supported us, and industry, over the last 12 months.

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