Client Collaborations

20 February 2024


Everyone knows we offer an unrivalled, market-leading suite of qualifications for the HVAC industry.

However, for our corporate clients we offer far more than just qualifications; we offer guidance and support for the duration of their employees’ qualifications and beyond.


Because legislation and regulations are constantly changing. The introduction of primary legislation means you and your workforce are now at-risk if you do not understand and follow the legal guidelines.

We don’t expect our clients to fully understand and interpret every legal guidance document out there; we take the time to do that for them and tell them what they need to know, therefore ensuring they keep themselves, their colleagues and their own clients safe and compliant.


This might include understanding the relevance of National Occupational Standards, the impact of the Building Safety Act or the amended Building Regulations, choosing the right industry accreditation and how the Hackett report (the result of the Grenfell disaster) impacts you and your business.


One of the major benefits for our corporate clients are our in-person teaching, training and support days. Our expert staff visit clients in their workplace and spend time not only working through their qualifications but educating them on the latest industry regulations.

We recently spent a day with TSB Contractors, introducing them to their qualifications and advising how industry legislation and regulations will impact them on a day-to-day basis.

Feedback like this makes it all worthwhile!

Everyone is still talking about how great this training session was! You deliver outstanding work!

Karine Muraro dos Santos, Ops Manager

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