Double Success for Paddeco!

13 April 2021



Here at Paddeco we’re accustomed to putting quality first, for the benefit of our staff and our candidates, and as a result, for the benefit of the industry as a whole. To that end, we’re regularly inspected and verified by our awarding body, the SQA.

What we’re not used to, however, is having two verification visits in the space of two weeks, scrutinising our systems and the the qualifications we offer.

And we’re overjoyed to say, both were passed with flying colours and zero actions to resolve!

Jane Henderson, SQA Quality Enhancement Manager, enthused, “It was good to see the whole team and I appreciate the time you devoted to working and thinking about this together and your clear team-working round quality assurance. You had put a great effort into supplying your documentation in advance, sending a link to a SharePoint site which was extremely well organised.  It was very nice to be able to feed back that your whole approach to being an SQA approved centre was one of the best that I have seen.”

The results of both verification visits are testament to the hard work and dedication shown by our team on a daily basis and underpin just what we’re all about here at Paddeco. The industry we, and our candidates, work in is too important not to put quality first. Compliance and competence and the quality of the delivery are our number one priority.

Thomas Nicol, SQA External Verifier, stated in his Qualification Report, “The feedback to the Centre was very positive, highlighting their processes and procedures being a robust system and compliant. A high confidence outcome was given overall. I commended the procedures of the transformation of systems to a new digitalised platform that both candidates and assessors could access and upload evidence more easily. All members of staff that I spoke to were diligent in their role within the organisation and always looking for innovative ways to improve.

Thomas ended his report by saying “A dedicated team, committed to providing a quality product in each candidate. Always putting the candidate and their circumstances first.

This gives us great confidence to push forward, knowing that we’re offering our candidates the very best service and equipping them in the best possible way to progress in their chosen careers. By investing their time in Paddeco, we in turn will invest ours in our candidates’ future.

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