JCI Appointment

12 June 2024


Earlier this week, we received the fantastic news that our CEO, Joe Lloyd, has been asked to sit as Vice Chair of the Industry Standards Group on the Joint Competence Initiative, whose primary purpose is the development of suitable SKEB standards for all roles in the Envelope Sector.

Not only is this a great honour for Joe, who has gladly accepted the role, but it is recognition of all his hard work and, above all, his unrivalled knowledge of all things NOS, legislation, and qualifications.

The introduction of the Building Safety Act, in April 2023, was the most important and significant change to the construction industry’s health and safety legislation in the past 40 years. As a result, the Joint Competency Initiative (JCI) for the Envelope Sector was formed with the aim of understanding, reflecting and setting out a vision for proportionate and practical requirements relating to both organisational and individual competence.

The JCI is an ‘association of associations’ comprising the technical and procurement leads of principal contractors, specialist engineers and consultants, sector bodies, awarding organisations and envelope contractors, with the aim formalising competence requirements for organisations and individuals within the requirements of the Building Safety Act.

Specific roles of the JCI include:

    Joe’s appointment as Vice Chair is a reflection of the great work both he, and the rest of the Paddeco team have been undertaking in the arena of standards, legal requirements and qualifications for our own sector. Simply put, if you want to upskill your workforce and meet your legal requirements, look no further, because there’s no-one better.

    Congratulations, Joe, and good luck in the role!

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