Learning Portal

5 February 2024


Did you know, every individual signed up to a Paddeco qualification has their own online learning portal where they can progress through their qualification at their own pace?

It provides access to their bespoke Individual Learning Plan, allows them to submit their qualification questions, and provides information on Observations, Professional Discussions, Job Reports and much more.

One of the most valuable resources, at every candidate’s fingertips, is a wealth of learning materials.

We have a library of over 400 learning, information and support documents that help our candidates navigate their way through their qualifications.

All documents are available to every candidate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, however they wish to access them: phone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

The documents cover a range of topics including technical and functional information, relevant legislation, industry regulations, installation guides, health and safety guides and many more.

All documents are categorised by qualification unit and provide a brief summary of contents so our candidates can easily navigate to the information they require.

We believe in empowering our candidates to work at their own pace, and of course, our assessors, tutors and their colleagues are always here to support them.

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