Unit 6

Inspect and Pre-Commission Industrial and Commercial Heating and Ventilating Systems

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Lifting Equipment

A summary of the LOLER regulations and the effects they have on companies.

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Hazard Observation Awareness

How and why you should raise awareness of hazards in the workplace.

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Air Leakage Rates

Maximum leakage of ductwork.

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Test Sheet

Example of a completed test sheet.

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Guide To Ductwork Leakage Testing

Different pressure classes, how to calculate surface areas of ductwork systems & leakage rates calculation.

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Heating & Ventilation Systems - Part A

Design and validation

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Heating & Ventilation Systems - Part B

Operational management and performance verification.

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HVAC Checklist

Example of a long form HVAC checklist

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ASFP Grey Book - Summary

An introduction to different dampers, compliance, legislation and maintenance.

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For the installation of fire and smoke dampers.

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Damper Manufacturer's Installation Guidebook

Fire damper installation methods and functional testing.

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