New Site Supervisor’s Course

16 February 2021


October 2020 saw the publication of the final report of the UK Government’s Steering Group for Building a Safer Future: Setting the Bar – A New Competence Regime for Building a Safer Future. It is the second and final report of the steering group and follows the Interim Report, Raising the Bar, published in August 2019.

In summary, it sets out an overarching system for setting and overseeing standards of competence in the construction industry.

A number of working groups were established, each tasked with drawing up their own sector-specific competence frameworks to be rolled out across professions or trades.

Working Group 9 (WG9) was established to identify the competences required of site supervisors.

The site supervisor oversees the on-site construction works to ensure the works are completed safely, to specification and to the required standard. However, due to the breadth and complexity of building works, it cannot be expected that one individual should have the competence to assess every aspect of modern construction.

WG9 therefore recommends a need for three distinct roles to ensure the on-site delivery of a ‘safe’ building:

That said, we at Paddeco recognise that the HVAC industry will need a more robust site supervisor’s course, than already exists, to meet future compliance requirements.

Therefore, by September 2021 we hope to be offering a specific Site Supervisor course, based firmly on the National Occupational Standards required for that crucial role. Candidates who enrol on this course will ultimately be required to prove their competence and compliance when co-ordinating a work site.

Additionally, we are also looking to support the industry with more pathways being offered in upskilling individuals and companies. For example, later in 2021 Paddeco will be running a number of much needed Assessor courses, along with an ongoing support programme.

If you are interested in any of these additional courses, then please get in touch; we’d love to hear from you.

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