The Importance of Quality

23 October 2020


Having spent over 50 years in the gas and HVAC industry, I have amassed a plethora of knowledge and practical ability of teaching and training techniques.

I started in the industry as a gas engineering apprentice with South Wales Gas Board (as it was known back then) and left when it was privatised. Prior to leaving, I had progressed to the role of technician in the research and development areas of gas engineering and HVAC.

I then spent a considerable amount of time working overseas, primarily in Gulf states (Doha and Qatar). During my time in the Gulf I was the site superintendent for the installation of all HVAC services and facilities of the new General Hospital and various other projects e.g. BP offshore and onshore, gas storage and distribution, and associated mechanical and chemical disciplines.

Having returned to the British Isles I established my own HVAC company, which was phenomenally successful, ironically until the first Gulf War. During that period many of the companies I was associated with – as suppliers and sub-contractors – along with clients, became insoluble which caused my company huge financial difficulties.

Nevertheless, I was able to secure jobs for both my administration staff and fitters before closing the company and obtaining employment with the local authority where I worked as the client officer responsible for all plumbing and heating services and maintenance of installations in both domestic and public properties.

Following this, I accepted a position as an associate lecturer at Colleg Glan Hafren and became an assessor and internal verifier for the apprenticeship schemes of heating and ventilating. This is where I met Joseph Lloyd who was also engaged by the college as an independent assessor (and is now CEO of Paddeco).

After leaving the college Joe offered me a position as Paddeco’s internal verifier. I had no hesitation in accepting the role because I was familiar with Joe’s attitude towards apprentices and his ideals and ethics regarding training and promoting excellence.

I am now an independent assessor and verifier at Paddeco, as well as the Executive Director of my own company (Michael Taylor Enterprises Ltd)  which allows me to maintain not only my own integrity within the industry but also to ensure the integrity of Paddeco as a training and assessment body.

Paddeco believe that quality is a forerunner to quantity and therefore, providing excellent quality will inevitably lead to success.

I wouldn’t wish to be associated with an organisation that operated in any other way. It would be too damaging to my reputation within the industry.

Paddeco ensures quality of training and assessment is the foremost aspect of the organisation’s beliefs and corporate strategies. The whole team buys into this philosophy and this ensures overarching quality strategies and procedures are maintained and become the standard working practices of the organisation.

The quality structure is headed by Joe who treats each individual candidate/client as if they were a member of the family and that is the working culture at Paddeco. Everyone is considered to be a part of the larger family unit, an attitude that is reflected onto our candidate relationships.

If you’d like to speak to Mike about quality assessment, the HVAC industry, or simply his fascinating career, you can find him on LinkedIn.


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