Ventilation Hygiene Qualification Receives SKILLcard Approval

7 October 2021


Paddeco’s new ventilation hygiene qualification has now been given approval, by SKILLcard’s standard setting body, the Skills Partnership, to acquire a relevant SKILLcard.

The collaboration between the SQA and Paddeco Ltd and with the support of BESA, has now given the sector a qualification that will meet the SKILLcard compliance requirements set by the Construction Leadership Council.

Once registered onto the qualification the candidate will be able to apply for either a red trainee CSCS SKILLcard, or, if they have been working in the industry for five years, a CSCS Blue Experienced Worker SKILLcard.

Once the Paddeco qualification has been achieved, individuals will then be able to apply for a CSCS Blue SKILLcard. 

Paddeco’s ventilation hygiene qualification allows operatives to have their skills and knowledge assessed against the industry’s National Occupational Standards.

This helps to open a career path within the ventilation sector, to then follow an upskilling programme, including the process of decommission and the installation of components, offering the opportunity for possible installation and maintenance roles.

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